JUNE 12, 2015


Recently there seems to be some debate re.. the use of Bowling Arms; Firstly let me say I use one simply because without it I drop my bowls from an unacceptable height (over 30cm) when delivering so I had to do something about it.


There are many in our Club with the same problem and have adopted the arm to enable them to continue enjoying this great game. There are still a few who drop their bowls and are reluctant to change in spite of the fact great damage may be done to the green when a bowl is dropped. Rules governing the use of the Arm are straight forward. If you wish to play with a bowling arm, you are required to obtain a doctors certificate to certify that you require the use of an Arm due to a disability (such as a bad back).


This certificate is presented to your Club Secretary, along with an Application for Approval to use an Artificial Device. This request is forwarded on your behalf to Bowls Qld, and if approved, you will be issued with a certificate and the Club will be advised accordingly. You may only be a Social Bowler and not take part in competitive bowls; if this is the case, you do not need approval from BQ to use the arm. If in doubt, see your Secretary for advice.


It is a relative simple process to gain approval for you to use a bowling arm where there is genuine need. I believe the introduction of the Bowling Arm has allowed many Bowlers to enjoy the game and in many cases improve their ability to be competitive.


One day we may have a competition between all those Bowlers using an arm. Wouldn’t that be interesting?


From the Secretaries Desk

Darrell Smith MC

Sec. UBC Inc.